Capillarys/Minicap Urine

Automation of urine protein electrophoresis, a key assay in Multiple Myeloma global care

Test presentation

Urine protein electrophoresis is a well-established technique routinely used in clinical laboratories for proteinuria content screening.

The CAPILLARYS/MINICAP URINE reagent is designed for urine preparation. The Urine program, on CAPILLARYS and MINICAP instruments, allows the separation of the urine proteins using the PROTEIN(E) 6 kit.

CAPILLARYS and MINICAP instruments perform all sequences automatically, from sample loading to final high resolution pattern.

The pattern is divided in five display zones for simpler visual interpretation:

  •  Albumin
  •  Alpha-1
  •  Alpha-2
  •  Beta 
  •  Gamma  

Urine capillary separation is useful to detect and quantify monoclonal components, particularly Bence Jones proteins (Monoclonal Free Light Chains) or other urinary proteins. 


Test principle

The CAPILLARYS/MINICAP URINE assay is based on the principle of capillary electrophoresis in free solution. Protein fractions are separated in silica capillaries by their electrophoretic mobility and electroosmotic flow at high voltage in an alkaline buffer. Protein fractions are directly detected during migration by UV absorbance. Each zone contains one or more proteins.

On CAPILLARYS, two modes are available for manual peak quantification:

  •  Valley to valley
  •  Baseline to top


  • Throughput:
    • CAPILLARYS: 42 tests/h
    • MINICAP:  14 tests/h
  • Sensitivity:
    • Internal study has demonstrated that a monoclonal protein can be detected at a concentration as low as 2 mg/dL. The peak quantification validated on CAPILLARYS for the Bence Jones protein gives a minimal quantification limit of approximately 15 mg/dL for both integration modes.

Kit description


  • Dialysis Buffer

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