Abnormally higher levels of serum free light chains and abnormal kappa to lambda ratios are found in the majority of Multiple Myeloma cases. The severity of disease correlates with the elevation and abnormal ratio of these free light chains. These values and ratios are widely used to determine the prognosis and to monitor the disease activity and response to therapy. They provide important clues to clinicians which might help them tailor the treatment protocols and make future therapeutic plans.

Current Nephelometric and turbidimetric based have been shown to overestimate the sFLC levels that are not always consistent with Serum Protein Electrophoresis/Immunofixation and other clinical parameters.

This is the reason why Sebia has developed a sFLC ELISA assay test based on robust and recognized technology. Sebia FLC Assay is the only test that reports sFLC concentrations close to those obtained by SPE when an FLC peak is present and lower repetition test compared to current assays.

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