External quality assessment is an established component of quality assurance in laboratory medicine but a high level, educational EQA programme provides far more to the laboratory than the fulfilment of the requirements of ISO15189.  Each exercise is a learning opportunity and gives an opportunity to examine patterns of laboratory practice. This webinar will use EQA data and a selection of EQA case studies to illustrate how EQA provides a collective benefit in haemoglobinopathy testing beyond the identification of the individual out-of-consensus laboratory.

Attendance at this webinar will support the following learning outcomes:

  1. An understanding of the limitations of the technologies in use in haemoglobinopathy testing
  2. An understanding of how EQA can assist in the implementation of haemoglobinopathy screening guidelines.
  3. A demonstration of the educational opportunities at the heart of haemoglobinopathy EQA

Speakers’ bio

Barbara De la Salle is a consultant clinical scientist and Director of the UK NEQAS Haematology external quality assessment scheme. Before joining UK NEQAS in 2001, she worked for many years in a clinical laboratory, first in general haematology and later developing her long term career interest in the laboratory diagnosis of inherited red cell disorders at St Bartholomew’s and the Royal London Hospitals in Central London. She is President Elect of the UK NEQAS Charity and a Board Member of the International Society for Laboratory Haematology.


Dr Barbara De la Salle
Director, UK NEQAS Hematology - Watford - UK

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