For this purpose, the authors evaluated Hydragel 18 A1AT Isofocusing kit on the semi-automatic Hydrasys System (Sebia) for the determination of A1AT phenotypes by isoelectrofocusing on ready-to-use agarose gels with specific immunological detection.

The good within-gel reproducibility of this kit was demonstrated using two normal serum samples (M1 and M1M2 phenotypes) and six pathological serum samples with different phenotypes (MS, SS, SZ, MZ, ZZ). A sensitivity study was undertaken by performing serial dilutions on a serum with a ZZ phenotype containing 0.27 g/L A1AT. The detection limit was 0.050 g/L.

The authors concluded that Hydragel 18 A1AT Isofocusing kit is highly specific, rapid and simple to perform. It improves identification of not only the most common but also various rare A1AT phenotypes. It appears to be suitable for routine analysis and screening applications in a clinical laboratory setting.