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Sebia Acquires Orgentec Diagnostika

Press Release
Jun. 30, 2021

The strategic acquisition reinforces Sebia’s global leadership in specialty diagnostics.

The contribution of multimer analysis in the diagnosis of von Willebrand disease

Jun. 29, 2021

Educational Webinar with Dr. Annette BOWYER, Lead Biomedical Scientist

The importance of CDT-IFCC, marker of chronic alcohol excessive consumption

Jun. 24, 2021

Educational Webinar with M. Jean Deenmamode, IFCC Working Group Chair

Discover how the automation track integration boosted the high potential of CAPILLARYS 3

Customer Testimonial
Jun. 11, 2021

With this short video report, become aware of all the benefits of partnering with Sebia and integrate your capillary electrophoresis into the lab track automation.

Effects of hemoglobin C, D, E and S traits on measurements of hemoglobin A1c by twelve methods

Jun. 11, 2021

Hemoglobin C, D Punjab, E or S trait can interfere with hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) results depending on the method of analysis used. Therefore, it is important to know the limitations of the method used for HbA1c determination.

From stand-alone to fully integrated Sebia solutions

Jun. 11, 2021

Improve your lab performance by optimizing your Sebia solutions.