BIOXA Laboratory is the result of the merger of several independent labs from the Marne department (51). It currently includes eleven sites.
The main technical platform has been located on the outskirts of Reims, in Bezannes, since 2018. It brings together the previous activities of several technical sites: two already automated, one in charge of clinics and all haematology, haemostasis and immunohematology examinations, the other in charge of biochemistry and immuno-enzymology, and two sites then not automated, one of bacteriology and the other dedicated to protein electrophoresis. Our project to consolidate our technical activities was initiated during the construction of the new Reims Bezannes Polyclinic. We opened this new platform in June 2018, starting with the activity of the clinics. We then managed a gradual scale-up of our entire routine at this site until February 2019.