Sebia operates in a highly regulated worldwide environment, with a set of requirements that are increasingly demanding. While meeting those, Sebia does rely on Management Systems designed to improve our customers’ satisfaction, to meet regulatory requirements all over the World and to lead to business efficacy.

Quality and Compliance are deeply integrated into the Company’s culture and operations.

Sebia is structured around fundamental and closely interconnected processes. Among them: Management Control, Environmental Program, total Product Life Cycle, Customer Focus (Needs, Care and Distribution Network), Regulatory Watch and Product Submissions, Post Market Surveillance and Vigilance, and Resources Management.

The main components of our Quality Management System are:

  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Implementation by all employees
  • Process and risk-based activities
  • Fully integrated system
  • Business-driven approach
  • Continuous improvement
  • Efficient information and communication


Sebia implements a stringent policy of control and traceability throughout the production and distribution chains. This provides our customers a high and constant quality of products and services, as well as the capacity for Sebia to communicate quickly and efficiently any relevant product information.

During the Design Control process, the devices are verified &/or validated according to all applicable standards.

All Sebia In Vitro Diagnostic devices are CE marked and registered in many countries around the World depending upon our business geographic footprint.

Sebia’s Quality Management System is ISO 13485:2016 certified and complies with the requirements of the MDSAP.

Anti-Corruption Program

All employees are expected to follow the Sebia Anti-Corruption Policy. The policy is outlined below and built around recommendations of the French Anti-corruption Agency:

Code of Conduct
All employees and partners of the Sebia group are expected to follow ethical practices in accordance with the values of the group and code of conduct policy. The values of the company are described and outlined in the Sebia Code of Conduct.

This policy is in place to help prevent unethical practices and is available to all employee and vendors to review.


Find the code of conduct here


Employee Training Program required for all group employees helps to raise awareness and understanding of how to handle unethical practices.

Third Party Assessment
A procedure for evaluating third parties in order to identify and assess the risks of corruption likely to arise when entering into a relationship with new partners.

Reporting an unethical practice
Sebia has in place a whistleblowing procedure intended to collect reports relating to the existence of conduct or situations contrary to the code of conduct.

Find the Procedure for the collection of Alerts here