Von Willebrand factor (vWF) is a large multimeric protein that plays an important role in primary Haemostasis. vWF circulates as a series of oligomers comprising different sized subunits. It is the largest molecular weight subunits that are important for primary Haemostasis.

A reduction or dysfunction of vWF causes the Haemorrhagic disorder von Willebrand disease (vWD). VWD is the commonest bleeding disorder in humans with symptoms including bruising, epistaxis, menorrhagia and gasterointestinal or genitourinary bleeding. VWD is classified in to 3 types and several subtypes according to results determined by panel of laboratory assays.

Analysis of the multimer structure is necessary for subtyping vWD. Traditional multimer analysis methods are time consuming and laborious.

Sebia offer a semi-quantitive rapid multimer screening assay, HYDRASYS 5, with a one day turnaround time for results. This presentation will discuss the laboratory diagnosis of VWD and the use of the HYDRASYS 5 in the subtyping of vWD.


Dr. Annette BOWYER
Lead Biomedical Scientist

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