Integrated Environmental Management System

Sebia is ISO 14001-certified. This demonstrates the company’s commitments around environmental-related provisions and sustainable development.

Sebia Environmental policy & main challenges

Sebia does manage an Environmental management system based on the improvement of our environmental performance focused on:

  • continuously monitoring natural resource usage
  • waste management
  • prevention of any potential pollutions and any other environmental-related impacts
  • promotion of any other “green provisions” of interest



Our « Green provisions » are integrated in all product lifecycle phases from development, to end of life.

Sebia is implementing a sustainable strategy strictly compliant with REACH /CLP regulations / RoHS.


GES / Energy

Sebia carries out regular energy audits by a specialised service-provider in order to implement actions to streamline energy consumptions and greenhouse gas emissions.

Wastes Management

Sebia is very attentive to waste management. All waste (including hazardous waste) receives adequate and suitable treatments by certified providers to enable highest percentage of material recycling.

Production effluents are pre-treated using an evapo-concentrator before being discharged into the sewerage network.

In accordance with the WEEE regulation, Sebia headquarters (based in France) is a member of an eco-body: ECOSYSTEM allowing instruments to be recycled.

Sebia Environmental News

Sebia and LNE (accredited certification body) recently and successfully renewed their collaboration (with obtention of EN ISO 14001: 2015 recertification) celebrated by the publication of an article on LNE’s communication networks.

Please click on the following link to access it: Testimonial Sebia – LNE