Sebia’s gel technology is based on the principle of separating of molecules in an agarose medium.

Three types of separation occur according to:

  • The charge of the proteins, in a specific pH buffer
  • The isoelectric point, in a specific pH gradient
  • The molecular weight of the proteins, in an SDS-agarose gel

Sebia’s Expertise

With more than 50 years of experience in Gel Electrophoresis and more than 60 references, Sebia continues to develop and design the largest range of assays with the highest quality of standards.

The gel menu covers multiple pathologies including oncology (Multiple Myeloma), metabolic disorders such Hemoglobinopathies and rare pathologies in order to screen and monitor patients.

The multifunctional HYDRASYS 2 SCAN FOCUSING analyzer allows simultaneous sample analyses on one gel. Coupled with the ASSIST sample application, migration, washing, staining and scanning are performed on-board automatically in order to quantify the protein fractions.

Sebia’s gel solutions gives you confidence when reporting your patients’ results with best-in-class gel electrophoresis assays.