The high throughput solution for newborn hemoglobin disorders screening.



Capillary electrophoresis is a proven technology(1),(2),(3) for hemoglobin disorders screening and provides high quality results.
Sebia CAPILLARYS 3 DBS is the latest generation of instrument dedicated to newborn hemoglobin screening, offering a smooth workflow and excellent analytical features.

The CAPILLARYS 3 DBS instrument is an automated, multitasking capillary electrophoresis instrument using 12 capillaries for multiple simultaneous hands-free electrophoretic separations at high throughput.

The CAPILLARYS 3 DBS enables the analysis of samples from microplate wells and provides fully automated electrophoresis separation, from the dried blood spots on filter paper (Guthrie card) through to the final electrophoretic pattern: sample identification, sample dilution, sample incubation, capillary washing, sample injection into the capillaries, migration, detection, processing of the results, and transfer over the computer interface.

This instrument is an interesting alternative to commonly used technology such as IEF and HPLC for all the laboratories involved in newborn hemoglobin screening, bringing seamless sample traceability, high quality results, and high throughput while offering a reduced hands-on time.

Key benefits

High throughput instrument

Up to 70 samples/hour, enabling Newborn Screening laboratories to cope with their workload and deliver results to pathologists and clinicians quickly.

Full traceability

From sample punch to result, there is no interruption in the traceability chain, preventing transcription mistakes (e.g. errors from manually entering the sample ID into the analysis software).

High autonomy

8 full 96-well microplates could be analysed in a single run, without any reagent refill – This saves hands on time and lets the lab staff focus on important tasks.

Automatic Reagent Control

RFID tags for all reagents and Hb AF Control ensure a smooth and efficient reagent management, reducing user intervention.

Up to
70 results/hour
Up to
70 results/hour

Main characteristics

Test Menu
  • Hb Neonat technique


Sample types: dried blood spot (3.2mm)


With 12 capillaries in parallel, the CAPILLARYS 3 DBS can process a large number of samples and can analyse up to eight 96-well microplates without reagent refill.


                          Throughput (tests/hour)*

CAPI 3 NEONAT Hb                                          70


* Using PHORESIS Software version 9.40 D

Reagent and consumables
  • Flexible positions for reagents allow for the optimisation of on-board reagent management
  • RFID identification for all reagents (reagent type, lot number, expiration date, volume) allows comprehensive traceability throughout workflow
  • Embedded user interface with a touch screen
  • Automatic start-up and shutdown
  • Visual alarms (with instrument notifications)
  • A dedicated workstation pilots the instrument and manages results
Instrument details
  • Uses barcoded microplates (supplied with the CAPI 3 NEONAT Hb reagent kit)
  • Directly sampling from dried blood spots eluted from filter paper.
  • Validated with the automated PerkinElmer™ puncher instruments (Panthera 9 and DBS models)
  • Full sample traceability from sample card ID up to results, via barcoded microplates
  • CAPILLARYS 3 DBS – P/N: 1244