Newborn hemoglobin disorders

The perfect match for screening hemoglobin disorders in newborns.

About Newborn Hemoglobin Disorders Screening

Every day more than one hundred thousand newborns are screened worldwide for metabolic and endocrine disorders. Although screening for hemoglobin has a long history in some countries (USA or UK), in other countries it is a recent addition to their screening panels (Portugal; Germany).

The increase of hemoglobin disorders in regions that previously did not see them has raised awareness of the importance of screening for them in newborns.

Early screening has proven to be effective in improving the lives of babies by providing appropriate treatment and follow-up.

Key benefits

Ease of use

All the steps are managed automatically by the instrument; it is easy to operate and requires few maintenance procedures.

Automatic result interpretation

Samples are automatically identified as normal or abnormal by the software, allowing laboratories to quickly detect and identify pathological results and quickly releasing non-pathological samples.

Excellent resolution

Thanks to Sebia Capillarys’ high resolution hemoglobins separation, the instrument allows the display of a clear profile, enabling easy identification of abnormal hemoglobin variants (S, C, D and E…) as well as abnormalities arising from thalassemia (Hb H, Hb Bart’s).

Early detection

Early detection of hemoglobin disorders allows appropriate treatment and follow up, improving the infant’s life while reassuring parents.

Main characteristics

Test Principle

The CAPI 3 NEONAT Hb kit is intended for the detection of normal hemoglobins (F and A) and abnormal hemoglobin (S, C, D, E and Bart’s) in blood from newborns collected on filter paper. This qualitative analysis is performed by capillary electrophoresis with the CAPILLARYS 3 DBS automated instrument.

Sample Type

Dried neonatal blood spots – Samples are punched (at 3.2 mm size), eluted in distilled water and analysed directly on the CAPILLARYS 3 DBS instrument.


    Throughput (tests/hour)*


CAPILLARYS 3 DBS                          70


* Using PHORESIS Software version 9.40 D

Product details

Dedicated reagent kit, Hemolysing solution and Hb AF control.



  • CAPI 3 NEONAT Hb – P/N: 2506
  • CAPI 3 NEONAT Hemolysing solution – P/N: 2563



  • CAPI 3 NEONAT Hb AF Control – P/N: 4757
  • Hb AFSC Control* – P/N: 4792
    * (optional pathological control)



  • CAPILLARYS 3 DBS Microplates – P/N: 2578
    (10 units – 96 well barcoded microplates)