Avoid interferences due to therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody with HYDRASHIFT Portfolio.


Therapeutic monoclonal antibody (mAb) inclusion in Multiple Myeloma treatment regimens offer patients significant improvements in clinical outcomes. daratumumab and isatuximab are human mAb targeting CD38 used in Multiple Myeloma treatment regimens.

HYDRASHIFT avoids therapeutic mAb interference on Immunofixation interpretation assays.

Key benefits

Unique shift technology

HYDRASHIFT daratumumab and HYDRASHIFT isatuximab avoid daratumumab or isatuximab interference on HYDRAGEL IF tests.

Trust in the results

HYDRASHIFT reduce the risk of incorrect IF interpretation to improve therapy monitoring.

Easy to implement

Fully integrated into IF protocol without sample pre-treatment for a standardized process compliant to IMWG guidelines.

Follow IMWG guidelines

Process compliant to IMWG guidelines to assess response to treatment in patient with Multiple Myeloma.

Main characteristics

Test Principle

HYDRASHIFT is an immunofixation procedure performed on HYDRAGEL IF 2/4 gel and based on the creation of a mAb/ anti mAb immune complex shift mAb drug (daratumumab or isatuximab) in alpha zone.


This complex is visible in the IgG and kappa immunofixation tracks. A negative HYDRASHIFT result demonstrates the absence of endogenous M-protein.

Sample Type




The limit of immune complex visualized is 0.3 g/L.

Product details
  • HYDRASHIFT  2/4 daratumumab (20 tests) – P/N: 4639
  • daratumumab control – P/N: 4765
  • HYDRASHIFT 2/4 isatuximab (40 tests) – P/N: 4642
  • isatuximab control P/N: 4764