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HYDRASYS 2 SCAN FOCUSING is the “all-in-one” analyser for gel electrophoresis. The system offers analytical solutions for a high level of performance, matching clinical diagnostic requirements.

The analyser carries out electrophoresis steps, from sample application to final reading. It is a fast and easy to operate instrument, offering a comprehensive test menu of more than 60 HYDRAGEL programs.

HYDRASYS 2 SCAN FOCUSING when coupled with the ASSIST is designed to accomodate all workflow requirements; by automating sample preparation to ensure standardisation and traceability.

Key benefits

High Quality Results

Have confidence when reporting your patients’ results with best-in-class gel electrophoresis assays.

Multi-Functional Analyzer

Ability to migrate, stain, & scan gels on one system.

Powerful Software Solution

PHORESIS Core Software provides tools for interpretation, data & result management and networking.

Workflow & Traceability

Automation and standardization of samples preparation with ASSIST.

More than
6,000 instruments installed worldwide
More than
6,000 instruments installed worldwide

Main characteristics

Test Menu
  • Serum & Urine Protein Electrophoresis (SPE/UPE)
  • Serum & Urine Immunofixation (IFE, Bence Jones)
  • HYDRASHIFT daratumumab/isatuximab
  • CSF and Alpha-1 Antitrypsin by Isofocusing
  • von Willebrand Multimers
  • Iso-Enzymes, B2 transferrin, LDL/HDL cholesterol, lipoproteins
  • Hemoglobin Electrophoresis
  • APO E by isofocusing for research use only


Sample types: Serum, urine, plasma CSF, whole blood

  • From 1 to 54 samples per gel
  • Up to 3 gels simultaneously (migration, staining and reading)
  • Optimized scan reading (precise quantification of all fractions)


Throughput (tests/hour)


  • Proteins: up to 108 tests/hour
  • Immunofixations: up to 17 tests/hour with the IF program
Reagent and consumables
  • 2 sizes of gel
  • Staining reagents on board
  • Disposable microporous applicators with 6, 7, 15 & 18 wells to be used to run 1 IF or up to 54 samples in protein electrophoresis
  • Small footprint
  • Peltier based temperature control device for fast and accurate temperature regulation
  • Simple flexible programming through LCD touch screen interface
  • > 60 optimized migration programs
  • 10 staining/washing programs
  • Easy maintenance
Instruments details
  • All-in-one gel electrophoresis system performing migration, staining & scanning
  • Preparation and automatic dispensing of samples from primary tube and antisera for dynamic mask application with combined HYDRASYS 2 SCAN FOCUSING and pipetting station ASSIST
  • Traceability of primary tubes with positive sample ID with PHORESIS and ASSIST.