Serum and Urine

Identification of monoclonal proteins by agarose gel electrophoresis.

About Serum and Urine Immunofixation

Immunofixation is an immunological method for detection and identification of monoclonal proteins in serum and urine. After the separation of serum and urine proteins according to their charge, the gel is incubated with different specific antisera. The gel is then processed in order to remove the antisera excess prior to the final staining step. The gel is interpreted visually to type all immunoglobulins.

Key benefits

Good performance

for proteins separation and identification of monoclonal component in serum and urine in agarose gel method.

Clear band visualisation

in serum and urine for quick identification of suspect monoclonal proteins IgG, IgA, IgM, Kappa (κ) or Lambda (λ) and free light chains involved in gammopathy.

High quality, ready to use antisera

for optimal reaction performance and accurate monoclonal component identification.

Complete semi-automated

HYDRASYS 2 SCAN FOCUSING system including sample application, electrophoretic migration, immunofixation, staining, destaining and scanning connected to PHORESIS Software for data & result management.


for detection of very small monoclonal components.

Main characteristics

Test principle
  • The HYDRAGEL IF assay is based on the principle of agarose gel electrophoresis followed by immunofixation.
  • After the separation of serum or urine proteins according to their charge, the gel is incubated with different specific antisera for characterization of monoclonal component involved in the gammopathy.
Sample Type

Serum & Urine



  • The minimal detection limit for monoclonal immunoglobulins is about 120 mg/L for gels stained with acid violet and about 250 mg/L for gels stained with amidoblack.
  • According to the mobility of the monoclonal component and polyclonal background, the sensitivity may vary.


Internal sensitivity study demonstrated that a Bence Jones protein can be detected in a serum at a concentration:

  • as low as 20 mg/L with anti-free & bound light chains antisera
  • as low as 50 mg/L with anti-free light chains antisera
Product details
  • HYDRAGEL 1 IF (SM*) – P/N: 4801 / (DM**) – P/N: 4301
  • HYDRAGEL 2 IF (SM) – P/N: 4802 / (DM) – P/N: 4302
  • HYDRAGEL 4 IF (SM) – P/N: 4804 / (DM) – P/N: 4304
  • HYDRAGEL 9 IF (SM) – P/N: 4809 / (DM) – P/N: 4309
  • HYDRAGEL 1 BENCE JONES (SM) – P/N:  4821 / (DM) – P/N: 4321
  • HYDRAGEL 2 BENCE JONES (SM) – P/N: 4822 / (DM) – P/N: 4322
  • HYDRAGEL 4 BENCE JONES (SM) – P/N: 4824 / (DM) – P/N: 4324


* SM: Standard Mask

** DM: Dynamic Mask